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Space Explorers Full Series From The ISS Now Available

Felix & Paul Studios completed the release of its Space Explorers: The ISS Experience series captured with the company’s industry-leading camera systems in outer space.

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Part four of the series is available now in Space Explorers: The ISS Experience and completes the main run of one of the largest productions ever filmed in space. Space Explorers represents one of the most awe-inspiring experiences you can find in VR right now spread across four parts — Adapt (29 minutes), Advance (33 minutes), Unite (35) minutes and Expand (43 minutes). You’ll find incredible views inside and outside the International Space Station as Earth flies by, with up close moments of astronauts providing detailed looks into their lives in zero gravity. With part four in particular, you can see “a dynamic spacewalk and the arrival of the SpaceX Crew to the ISS” captured in “ultra high-resolution cinematic virtual reality.”

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