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Quest 2 Refurbished For $249 Remains VR’s Best Deal

A refurbished Quest 2 with 128 GB storage for $249, sold directly by Meta, is the best deal for a VR headset right now.

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Walmart offered Quest 2 refurbished last year as low as $199 for the earlier 64 GB model, but that storage size has been bumped out of the lineup as VR games running on the system have grown in size. Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond, for example, takes up 41 GB of storage on its own. As of this writing, the 128 GB Meta Quest 2 sells new for $299 or refurbished for $249, with the note “inscription may vary” suggesting buyers might get one with either the earlier “Oculus” branding or the new Meta company symbol on the front of the headset.

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