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Meta ‘Laser-Focused On The Successful Launch Of Cambria’ This Year

The next six months are critical to Meta’s future building the “metaverse” as the company prepares to launch a new high-end headset in 2022 while aiming to execute “flawlessly” on other priorities.

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Cambria is the public codename for the upcoming high end standalone headset which features higher resolution color cameras packed into a slimmer visor and aimed at remote workers as well as mixed reality early adopters. The device comes equipped with a depth sensor plus face and eye tracking to drive avatars in simulated social settings. Meta is “laser focused” on shipping this first “prosumer / industrial-grade mixed reality” device this year, according to a memo obtained by The Verge and published in full on its website. The memo outlines Meta’s immediate priorities across the company as it continues to transform from its previous corporate identity as Facebook. One paragraph of that memo, reportedly written by chief product officer Chris Cox, specifically outlines the next steps toward “how we will deliver the next computing platform across our portfolio in Reality Labs.”

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