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Hands-On: Nerf Ultimate Championship Takes Us Back To Basics

Nerf Ultimate Championship feels like a competent team-based VR shooter and though the parkour-style action proves entertaining, it’s rather light at launch. Read on for our full hands-on impressions! 

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For a Hasbro brand of toy weapons, there’s a surprising number of Nerf video games, but Nerf Ultimate Championship might be the best yet. Launching today as a Meta Quest 2 exclusive, Secret Location’s 4v4 VR shooter has been slowly teased since its initial reveal back in June 2021, including a beta test and new gameplay trailer earlier this year. Joined by several influencers and members of the Secret Location team , I went hands-on for a two hour preview last week. Though I enjoyed my time with the game, I was also left wishing there was more to do. 

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